Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Hidden Gem - Hashtag Coffee House

It was a relaxing but tiring Sunday.
Went to Encorp Strand Mall with the boyfie for the Vape Con, a vaping event where they sells accessories and juices for e-cigi. This vapor thingy has become more and more popular these days, perhaps I should write about it someday, but not now as I barely know things about it.

So after this Vape Con, we went to look for coffee houses around Kota Damansara, to have a nice relaxing evening coffee session, and I google-ed this place named Hashtag Coffee House. It was just few hundreds meter away from where we were hence we decided to go over.

This coffee house, according to the address, is at Encorp Strand Office Tower. So we went over, and noticed that not many shop lots are occupied. And we went tower to tower, floor to floor, and we couldn't find the coffee house. I was thinking myself, 'Don't tell me that it has gone bankrupt -____-"' (that's very bad of me, I know. Hahahah). Just when we almost gave up, we finally saw the shop!! It is at the lowest floor, most corner, and blocked by staircase. No wonder we didn't see it at first!!

So we went it and I was really attracted to this coffee house. The environment and ambiance of the coffee house is really comfortable, makes me feeling super relaxed!! I love that place very much!! However, if you prefer place with brighter light I would suggest you to visit this place during the morning/afternoon as the indoor lighting is super dimmed.

*the cashier*

*the menu*

As you can see, they serve both coffee and non-coffee beverages *apologies for the light reflected on the menu*. They do serve main courses such as sandwiches and pastas too! I did not order any food as I was not hungry at that point of time. Not sure how the foods taste like but from what I see the foods are served in big portion. As for the drinks, I ordered my all-time favourite, mocha!! The coffee art was not so attractive, but trust me, their mocha tasted good *thumbs up* Overall the choices on menu was quite limited, but pricing is considered reasonable for a coffee house operating at that area.

*the surroundings*

Overall, I am satisfied with this place and would absolutely drop by again if I happened to go Kota Damansara again! =)

Details of the coffee house as below:-
#Hashtag Coffee House
Bloack C-LG-3, 
Garden Office Encorp The Strand, 
Jalan PJU5/1, 
47810, Kota Damansara, Selangor.
Tel: 017-627 6950

Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Night before Exam at Lo Faro Caffe

As suggested by the title itself, today is the day before the exam comes.
Must be thinking why I'm still attending exams at my age huh? Well I'm currently a part-time student, taking CPA, a professional accountancy program, just to make sure I get to excel in my career (hopefully the qualification helps though. LOL)

So, I'll be attending the exam for Audit and Assurance paper tomorrow, and today is the last day for me to get all my gears on, to prepare for that incoming war.
And my friend suggested to go for a revision and recap together at a coffee house in the neighborhood, the Lo Faro Caffe.

Gotta apologize first for not taking much photos of this coffee house as I have to recap all the modules in just one night.

First let's talk about the menu. This place serves main courses and desserts (i.e. cakes), of course a variety of coffees too. Price are affordable, around the same with other cafes or coffee houses, hence everyone can give a try at this coffee house!! No matter breakfast, lunch, teatime, or even dinner!!

I ordered a cup of hot mocha (RM10.80), and it tasted okay. Not too sweet, which is suitable to a non-sweet drinks lover like myself. My friend ordered hot honey lemon (RM6.80). I'm not sure how it tasted though but judging from her expression after drinking it, I believed it doesn't taste too sweet or too sour though. Hahaha. The waiter/waitress will also serve you a cup of plain water even if you never ask for it! Personally feel grateful for this act as I will always request for plain water no matter which coffee house I go. Hahaha

The ambiance of this coffee is nice too. Quiet and cozy place, suitable for a coffee meeting or gathering. 
Compared to other coffee houses that I went, most of them have only at most 3 tables which can accommodate big groups, hence I really like that Lo Faro Caffe prepared more than that. I personally this that is a plus point as I always gather with my friends (most of the time we are in a big group of at least 8 people) and most coffee houses have trouble arranging the tables for us. I would suggest my friends to come here for our next gathering!! =)

However, the lighting was a little too dim, and only bright at certain areas in the shop, which I wouldn't suggest this place as a reading place for book-lovers. Reason why the pictures taken was so bright is because I chose to sit at the table with the light directly above it as I need the light for study.

Speaking of study, I coincidentally saw a inspiring words in the coffee house which boosts my confidence a little for the exam tomorrow. 'ALL THE BEST!' from Lo Faro Caffe. Thanks for the motivation!! =)

The details of the coffee house as below:-
Lo Faro Caffe
No 16&18, Medan Ramah, 
Taman Serangkai, 
58200, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 019-293 1839

*All the Best for those who are taking exams!!!*

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Coffee + Travel + Lifestyle = Me

Good day everyone!
Decided to start a new blog just recently. The old one will not be deleted, but it will become dormant for the rest of its life (I guessed.. LOL)

Why start a new blog?
Well the reason is simple.
The old me is gone, and this is the whole new me.
No more kiddy and mood swings me,
Just the girl who makes every seconds of her life counts. =)

So a little introduction of myself.
My name is Yvonne, initial J.W.
Many would think of Johnnie Walker when people mention J.W.,
Well I gotta say,
J.W. is not only the initial for the great man,
(Yes I love him and I do drink that branded liquor)
It is also the initial for my name (Jia Wee)!
Ok that doesn't sound cool at all,
I'm gonna stick back to Yvonne or just the initial J.W. 

And as the post title might suggest,
I love coffee and travel (especially to the islands!!).

So this blog will be updated with mostly the coffee houses and places that I will be visiting starting from now on!!
I hope this blog will be useful for the coffee shop hoppers like me =)
And I do hope this blog will bring idea to people who would like to go for either a short getaway or a trip,
About where to go, what to do, what to eat, etc!!

That's all for now!!
This blog will be updated again very soon so please stay tuned!!

*Life is too short to be miserable*